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About the programme

We wanted to help tackle the enormous skills shortage in data analytics in the UK.

  • 90% of decision makers in industry believe that Big Data is important to their sector.

  • Two-thirds of decision makers say that a lack of skills prevent them from extracting value from data even though they are drowning in it.

Data science is an exciting new inter-disciplinary field in which to work and do research. It is driving almost every area of science, engineering and commerce. We offer our students the opportunity to develop deep technical expertise, and then apply their knowledge to problems in application areas for which they have a passion.

Our programme will produce future leaders in data analytics. This requires more than technical knowledge. We also foster the skills to generate new business opportunities, through start-ups or in existing companies. The development of such skills is not common in universities. Our CDT gave us the flexibility to incorporate this as a key part of the programme.

Through our industrial partners we identify real world challenges. Our students address these challenges through industrial placements and applied academic collaboration.

We combine knowledge from Computing Science and Maths and Statistics to offer a unique student experience. We develop graduates capable of innovating across many disciplines to maximise impact.

Programme structure