Centre for In Vivo Imaging

PET Tracer Production Unit

PET Tracer Production Unit

We have radiochemistry and tracer production facilities located within our School of Chemistry.

Our facilities offer multi-step systems for PET tracer production including:

  • dedicated research hot cells
  • ORA Neptis
  • analytical and semi preperative HPLC 
  • radio TLC
  • GE Typhoon auto radiography
  • very flexible radiosynthetic and analytical facility
  • range of [18F] fluoride chemistries possible
  • small molecule and biomacromolecule targets

Clean Room

  • Comecer hotcells 
  • 2 x grade C systhesis cells 
    • manufactured on ORA neptis 
  • grade A dispensing 
    • argo-T dispenser 
  • sartorius filter integrity tester 

Tracer Manufacturing 

  • [18F]DPA 714 
  • [18F]FEOBV
  • [18F]FET