Centre for In Vivo Imaging

Staff Profiles

Dr Adrian Lloyd

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer


Roles and Responsibilities

NHS clinical consultant.

Research within Institute of Neuroscience.

Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching.

Head of Northern Deanery Postgraduate School of Psychiatry.



Previous Positions

1.7.2000 to 25.8.2002: Academic Specialist Registrar, Department of Psychiatry,Newcastle University.

1.7.98 - 30.6.2000: Clinical Research Associate, Department of Psychiatry, Newcastle University


British Association for Psychopharmacology
Royal College of Psychiatrists
British Medical Association


Research Interests

Structural neuroimaging in affective disorders; Work including MRI volumetric analysis, white matter structural change, diffusion tensor imaging and MR spectroscopy. Specific clinical areas investigated include early and late onset depression, bipolar affective disorder and relation of structural change to HPA axis abnormalities and vascular risk.

Current Work

Member of psychobiology research group.
Investigation of structural brain change in euthymic patients with bipolar affective disorder: Volumetric change, white matter hyperintensities, white matter tract integrity (diffusion tensor MRI) and MRS.

Co-investigator for the ADD (anti-glucocorticoid augmentation of antidepressants in depression) study: http://www.theaddstudy.co.uk/index.html

Future Research

Development of research in affective disorders with focus on neuroimaging.

Research Roles

Development and implementation of protocols for research in affective disorders, particularly using neuroimaging.

Postgraduate student supervision.

Postgraduate Supervision

Structural neuroimaging in psychiatric disorders

Esteem Indicators

Peer reviewer of for academic journals and for grant awards (local and national bodies).

Member of regional committee of Mental Health Foundation - charitable body awarding for research and services in mental health care.


Undergraduate Teaching

Stage 3 and stage 4 medical student clinical teaching.

Postgraduate Teaching

Head of Northern Deanery Postgraduate School of Psychiatry

MRes(NEU 8002)course teacher

Northern Region MRCPsych course teaching and module leader.