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Visit from the Americas Research Group of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

We were delighted to have a visit from Research Analysts Jeremy Hobbs and Chris Bradley from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for a special event on 8th March 2019. The visit was organised for the FCO representatives to learn about the research of CLACS members at Newcastle, to inform CLACS about their work at the FCO, and to attend the Standing Conference of Centres of Latin American Studies in the UK, hosted at Newcastle from 2017-19 and chaired by Prof Jens Hentschke, former SLAS President and CLACS member.

A range of CLACS colleagues and PhD researchers across HaSS and SAgE presented their diverse work on themes such as film, gender, cultural production, participatory action research, sport, education, ethnicity, geopolitics, language, health, history of medicine, food security, geology, rural economy and forensic science.

Our guests reported that they enjoyed the cross-Faculty collaboration and hearing about the wide range of research that takes place in CLACS. They also took the time to explain the distinct role of research analysts in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, their outreach activities in the UK and abroad, and the FCO’s strategies in Latin America.

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published on: 28 March 2019