Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Completed Projects

Completed Projects

We continue to publish from and organise follow-on activities from completed projects. The list below provides links to project summaries and end of project reports.

UK Research Councils

‘Young Christians in Latin America: Youth transitions, international volunteering and religious transformations’
Nina Laurie
Arts and Humanities Research Council Religion and Society Programme

Other Funders

Community-led rural landscape evaluation in Chile
Menelaos Gkartzios,Guy Garrod, Liz Oughton and Marian Raley
This project was concerned with the development of an innovative, community-led methodology for assessing rural landscapes in the Valparaiso region in Chile. The methodology was developed collaboratively with the Centro Regional de Innovación Hortofrutícola at Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. The methodology provided a systematic tool for generating information about the value of rural areas and for informing strategies for sustainable rural development, according with the needs and potentials of the specific territory.

'Paleoecological data analysis with R' course for Latin American researchers
Steve Juggins and Julieta Massaferro