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Dr Nathan Forsythe

Newcastle University Research Fellow


Now a University Research Fellow in the School of Engineering, I have worked toward academic leadership since the early stages of my PhD – awarded in 2013 – on "Investigating the impacts of climate change on hydro-climatological variability and water resources in the Upper Indus Basin.” I have a track record of project management in technical capacity building and academic research. I am also an engineer with professional expertise spanning technical domains from infrastructure development to earth sciences (remote sensing, hydrological modelling, climate change impacts assessments), and institutional contexts including academic research, engineering consultancy and international development assistance.


Built upon a foundation of degrees in civil engineering (BSc Hons from University of Oklahoma in 2000) and water resources management (MSc from ENGREF/AgroParisTech in 2007) earned in three countries, my 18 years professional experience (5 years post-doctoral) have informed my vision for my research career to address the grand engineering challenges of our time, specifically the imperative for adaptive infrastructure and water resource management to forge a pathway over future climate obstacles to sustainably improve livelihoods. In particular, my pre-doctoral work on community-scale water infrastructure in developing countries has made me keenly aware of the compelling human need to bridge current divides between sophisticated hydro-climatological research and its practical applications at the local resource management level.

Area of expertisehydrology; water resources; climate change; downscaling; remote sensing; community-based approaches for sustainable development

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