Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Visiting Staff

Visiting Staff

Here you can see a list of our visiting staff.

Dr Yanko Gonzalez
Universidad Austral de Chile
YANKO GONZÁLEZ CANGAS has a PhD in social and cultural anthropology by the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. He is professor of social anthropology at the Institute of History and Social Sciences at the Universidad Austral de Chile. He has published articles on critics, ethnographic representation, and anthropology and history of youth. Furthermore he has published among other books: “Héroes Civiles y Santos Laicos” (interviews with 13 Chilean writers, 1999); “Jovens na América Latina” (Caccia-Bava, Feixa & González, 2004) and “Bohemios, Rockanroleros y Revolucionarios. La construcción histórica de la juventud en América Latina” (González & Feixa, 2013). He was dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities of his University between 2011 to 2017 and currently he is Director of the Universidad Austral´s publishing house.

Professor Karen Sands O’Connor
Buffalo State University, Part of the State University of New York
Was at Newcastle for a whole academic year as Leverhulme Visiting Professor, hosted by the School of English. She is a specialist in children’s literature and in literature about and from the Caribbean.

Valentín Díaz
Universidad Nacional Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina
He is lecturer in Comparative literature and literary theory. His research is grounded on theories of the baroque in Latin America, using among other theorists, Walter Benjamin.

Professor Hugo Capella
Universidad de Concepción, Chile
Joined us through the Santander Grants scheme. He worked with Josep-Maria Garcia-Fuentes from the Schoof of Architecture, Planning and Landscape. Hugo is a cultural geographer with a particular interest in urban space.

Alonso Quinteros
Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Peru
A lecturer in visual anthropology, his current research studies the post-conflict provincial cinema, particularly from Ayacucho. He has also worked on the history of Peruvian documentary film. He was in Newcastle as part of the Cultural Narratives of Crisis and Renewal (CRIC) project.

Dr Alejandro Gasel
Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia Austral, Argentina
Joined us as a University Research Committee Visiting Fellow. He worked with Matthew Benwell in Geography. Dr Gasel has a particular interest in Patagonia and its representation in Latin American literature.

José Arturo Figuero
Lecturer in media, television and film production
School of journalism, Universidad Austral de Chile
He visited the Universidad de Valencia, another partner of the CRIC (Cultural Narratives of Crisis and Renewal) project, and stayed in Newcastle for a week to present his work on home-made videos and memory in Chile.

Professor Maria Helena Pereira Toledo Machado
Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Was a Santander Visiting Fellow. Maria Helena is a historian of slavery in Brazil and also has a longstanding interest in photography. She worked with Diana Paton on their ‘Mothering Slaves’ project, funded by the AHRC.

Professor Andrés Iroumé
Universidad Austral de Chile at Valdivia
Was a University Visiting Professor in spring-summer 2016 to continue a long-term collaboration with Dr James Bathurst, (Civil Engineering and Geosciences). Professor Iroumé is one of the leading forest hydrology specialists in South America. The primary visit research topic was evaporation as a function of tree species in Chile, investigating the use of latitude as an analogue for climate change.

Professor Sara Kindon
University of Wellington, Victoria
Was a University Visiting Fellow. Sara is a geographer with an interest in refugee resettlement. She has worked with communities in Costa Rica as well as in Aotearoa New Zealand and in Indonesia. She worked with Nina Laurie.