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Newcastle Data

Driving research, training, and engagement in data science.

Newcastle Data is using data to transform research across the whole University. Vast amounts of data are now collected across all areas of academia, research, industry and the public sector. The challenge has shifted from how to collect the data, to how to extract value from it.

Three main goals

To respond to this challenge, our community focuses on three main goals:

  1. using data to transform research across the University
  2. training the next generation of leaders in data science
  3. exchanging data expertise with those outside the university, for the benefit of society, the economy and our own research and teaching

We coordinate work across research, teaching and engagement— to create a virtuous circle that is mutually beneficial to researchers, students, society, and the economy.

In the year ahead, we’re looking to build on our collaborative culture and diverse networks to compete for external funding and tackle complex industrial and societal challenges.

Our approach

Our expertise and research are driving the development and application of new methods for extracting the value from data. We do this by:

  • designing new methods for analysing data
  • applying them to real data to solve problems and generate novel insights

We work in science, engineering, the arts and humanities, and medical science.

Find out more about our research, our teaching, and our work with external organisations.

Latest news and events

National Innovation Centre for Data (NICD) and iamproperty collaborated to create a classification model using the R programming language, which can be run end-to-end to rank prospective customers.
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NICD provided significant data science expertise in order to PolyBox Solutions in their goal to apply machine learning in supporting businesses by creating a scalable reporting system that would allow them to have a more thorough understanding of their expenses and budgeting.
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NICD has been able to work with the West End Food Bank, thanks to new investment from the North of Tyne Combined Authority supporting regional businesses, to use data to support those in crisis in the local community more effectively. Find out about the fantastic outcomes of this project.
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