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We are helping to manage, analyse, and understand the potential of data to unlock innovation, drive experimentation, and find solutions for the benefit of all.

Unlocking potential

The amount of data available is growing at an exponential rate, and there is huge opportunity in this information that surrounds us. However, as a society we are not yet confident in the best ways to use it safely and effectively.   

Scepticism and mistrust around data is widespread, especially when considering the inherent risks around data if not used responsibly. Concerns around the risk of compromised identities and excess behavioural tracking lead to low social acceptance.  

Where there is acceptance, individuals are becoming increasingly aware of the value of our own data. Exploring the importance of using data for public good is key. 

Artificial intelligence is also dramatically changing the information landscape. As the need for knowledge and greater understanding increases, guidelines for ethical and responsible usage of data are more crucial than ever. 

Access to the benefits surrounding data is inconsistent across communities. There is a need to enable fairer access, to ensure equality of opportunities. 

We’re unlocking the power of data to discover solutions and drive innovation. 

Newcastle data

We are home to a large community of academics, researchers, students, and partners working in data. 

There is great strength and depth to our work in data across our University including: 

  • biomedical informatics 
  • data for manufacturing 
  • data visualisation 
  • spatial analytics 
  • streaming data modelling 
  • text in a digital age 
  • regulation of data driven technologies 
  • artificial intelligence, automation and digitisation in the manufacturing and engineering sectors 

We use data to transform research across the University, train future data science leaders, and share data expertise for societal, economic, and academic advancement.  

We are also part of the Turing University Network. The Alan Turing Network is the UK’s national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.  

National Innovation Centre for Data

We host the National Innovation Centre for Data. It helps organisations gain new skills and innovate through data. The centre works to support businesses and organisations in harnessing the power of their data and becoming more productive, through: 

  • providing insights that make organisations aware of the value of data 
  • delivering and transferring technical and practical skills into organisational workforces 
  • connecting organisations to data skills networks and ecosystems 

The Catalyst building is home to a vibrant community of businesses and research specialists. It facilitates connections between innovators, businesses, and academia. 

The National Innovation Centre for Data allows the University's deep expertise in data science and AI to directly benefit society and the economy. It has completed more than 80 successful projects with a wide range of external organisations, helping them grow, and played a key role in creating 700 new jobs in the region.

Professor Paul Watson

Director of the National Innovation Centre for Data