Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Data analysis

Data Analysis

Complex data requires complex analysis: Newcastle FCCF offers bespoke data analysis assistance and training with our experts

Making sense of complex data

As instruments become capable of producing higher dimensional data, we must all learn how to get the most from our results. High dimensional data analysis is now at the forefront of a lot of minds, and the field is rapidly evolving as novel tecniques are produced. 

At Newcastle FCCF we have a wealth of experience working with all kinds of cytometry data. Our resident cyto-informatition Juan Ojeda Garcia can offer assistance and training to guide you through the data landscape. Juan has invaluable experience working in R, CellProfiler, ImaCyte, HistoCat and many other data analysis tools.

Juan works closely with software engineers from around the world and has created public guides to free software such as ImaCyte, a powerful tool for high dimensional image analysis used primarily for Hyperion data here at the FCCF.  

With a background in programming and flow cytometry, Juan is perfectly suited to the role and is working to develop novel tools as well as further his understanding and contribute to the development of exisiting ones.

 "I am a motivated and committed computational biologist and biomedical scientist. I provide “cyto-informatics” support to research groups using the Flow Cytometry Core Facility. These groups use our cutting edge technology in flow and mass cytometry for complex single cell analysis as well as imaging mass cytometry.

My role is to help research groups to get the best results from their studies by advising, installing and training them on software pipelines and high dimensional data analysis which includes data wrangling, several preprocessing and data quality control steps, dimensionality reduction, clustering and data visualization, and any statistical analysis needed as differential cell population abundance or differential marker expressions.

I also have to be aware of every new software or pipeline available and be an expert on the use of those which adapt better to our needs."

Juan Ojeda Garcia