Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Staff Profile

Professor Andrew Filby

Deputy Dean of the Newcastle University Biosciences Institute (NUBI) and Innovation Methodology and Application (IMA) Theme Lead and FCCF Director


I am currently a Deputy Dean for the Newcastle University Biosciences Institute (NUBI) with specific remit for Engagement and Place and Research Technical Professionals (RTPs).

I am also the "Innovation Methodology and Application" (IMA) research Theme in the Faculty of Medical Sciences (FMS). This is a strategic role that aims to bring together technologists and methodologists from all job families in the faculty toward a true "team science", collaborative attitude to conducting cutting-edge research. The IMA will interface with the other 19 research Themes in the FMS and also be extremely outward focused with other faculties, HEIs and industry. I also serve on the Faculty Research and Innovation Committee (FRIC).

In my tertiary function, I am also director of the Newcastle Flow Cytometry Core Facility (FCCF), part of the Newcastle University Single Cell Unit (NUSCU). This is a world-renowned facility supporting cutting-edge research through the provision of a comprehensive cytomics resource to both internal and external groups, operating at the forefront of cytometric applications and method-focused research. As part of this role, my group have been developing, validating and applying both imaging and non-imaging cytometry-based methods to study several important aspects of cell biology and support various key research themes here at NU. 

Having completed my PhD and subsequent post-doctoral work at the NIMR I have a strong grounding in basic and translational research and consistently contribute to high profile publications. I won the award for best paper in Cytometry part A in 2011 and also made key contributions to work published in Nature (2018 and 2019), Science (2012, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020) and Cell (2013). Furthermore, I present my method development work at key conferences both nationally and internationally as well as contributing to the presentations and abstracts of others. 

I am on the editorial board of the Cytometry Part A journal, specialising in imaging cytometry data and recently published some guidelines for data standards in the field. I was selected in 2014 by the International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry (ISAC) as one of only three individuals worldwide to be part of the Shared Resource Laboratory (SRL) emerging leaders’ programme. This is a scholarship that recognises exceptional contribution to the worldwide cytometry community from those working in core facilities. I now serve on the ISAC council as member for technology and methodology. I am also a panel member for the UKRI-MRC Multi-user equipment call and the UKRI-BBSRC Transformative Research Technologies programme

Key points and measures of esteem:

  1. The first Research Technical Professional to be made Professor of Practice in the UK
  2. Recognised at an international level as an expert in the field of Cytometry and Core Facility operations.
  3. Strong publication record in high impact journals such as Science, Cell and Nature.
  4. Invited to speak at several national and international Cytometry meetings.
  5. Member of the Cytometry Part A editorial board..
  6. Lead for the FMS IMA Theme, a first for a non-academic track staff member.
  7. Member of the various key funding agency panels
  8. Awarded the Royal Microscopical Medal (RMS) for Flow Cytometry research in 2019
  9. Co-chair of the UK Institute for Technical Skills and Strategy (UK-ITSS) Technical Council.
  10. Co-founder of the UK-ITSS Technology Specialist Network (TSN)

Conferences (highlights)


Guest speak at the launch of the Liverpool University RTP promotion pathway. February 2023

Guest speaker at Cyto 2022 in Philadelphia. Plenary speaker

Australian Cytometry Society, October 2019, Melbourne, Plenary speaker.


GLIFCA, September 2019, Tory Michigan, Plenary speaker.


Canadian Cytometry and Microscopy Society, June 2019, Edmonton, Plenary speaker.


Spatial protein multiplexing in health and disease, May 2019, Basel, Invited speaker.


I-biology seminar, February 2019, Heidelberg, Invited speaker/tutor.



QUAD meeting, February 2019, Newcastle, Invited speaker.


RACE renewal meeting, January 2019, Glasgow, Invited speaker.


ELRIG Pharmaceutical Flow and Imaging meeting, November 2018, Invited speaker/session.


Institute Pasteur, Montevideo, Uruguay March 2018, Invited Speaker.




My own current research focuses on “cytomics”, the study of all measurable properties of single cells within complex heterogeneous biological systems, with focus on human health and disease. There are four main areas of research in my group:

  1. The use of “label-free” imaging technologies combined with advanced computer vision (machine/deep learning) as a tool for characterising cellular phenotypes and states toward the development of cost-effective, simple, rapid and accurate “point-of-care” diagnostic solutions. Specifically I have been working with Imaging Flow Cytometry (IFC) to address several key areas of single cell biology. My lab were the first to develop a method for classifying the cell cycle stages of cancer cells using only bright-field imagery using machine (Nature Comms 2016 ) and deep learning neural networks (Nature Comms 2017). We also developed an open source analysis pipeline for the community (Methods 2017). Recently we have been applying similar approaches to phenotype human white blood cells; a Wellcome Trust ISF project called “label-free CDs”. We have already published two papers on the output, with more to follow.
  2. Genomic ENd-point CytOMETRY (Genometry), a fusion between single cell RNA sequencing (scRNAseq) and flow cytometry whereby both protein and mRNA expression can be measured simultaneously on thousands of single cells from a “multi-omics” perspective. We are currently using this to study immune cells in Sepsis.
  3. The use of Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC) to perform highly multi-plexed phenotyping of single cells in tissue preserving spatial context. Our first output from this methodology was published in Nature and maps key cells in the developing Foetal liver.

Collaborations and Networks (highlights)



Internally, I work collaboratively across all three of the new FMS institute structures:

“Biosciences”: Human Cell Atlas (HCA) Developmental project (Haniffa lab)

“Clinical and Translational”: Immune-phenotyping of COVID post mortem lung tissues (Fisher)

"Public Health Sciences”: CellProthera “EXCELLENT” trial. (Advanced Therapies Facility)


External (academic):

Professor Tom Curtis, SAgE. Looking at the microbial communities in drinking water

Professor Facundo Batista, associate director of the Ragon Institute, USA.

Dr Anne Carpenter, imaging platform lead, Broad Institute, USA.

Professor Yvan Saeys, head of computational analysis, VIB Ghent, Belgium.

Professor Paul Rees, machine/deep learning, Swansea University.

Dr Marcelo Comini, single cell analysis of host-parasite interactions, Pasteur Montevideo, Uruguay.


External (industrial/commercial):

Proctor and Gamble (P&G): Developing a flow cytometry assay for antimicrobial testing.

Zomp: Scientific Advisory Board for the company developing a 3D Imaging Flow Cytometer

Genentech: The role of biological therapies in IBD.

Becton Dickinson: A multi-omics approach to immune cell phenotyping in Sepsis.

Northumbria Water: Using Flow Cytometry to assess driking water quality



I am module co-lead for:

MMB8053: Enabling Technologies and Methodologies for Biomedical Research

I currently teach on the following post-graduate courses:

MMB8022 Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine

MMB8015:Applied Immunobiology of Human Disease

I also teach externally on:

The EMBL practical Flow Cytometry Course

The EMBL Fundamentals of Cell sorting Course

The RMS Flow Cytometry Course


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