Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Staff Profile

Dr Andrew Filby

Flow Cytometry Core Facility Director (SESO)


I am currently director of the Flow CytometryCore Facility (FCCF) at Newcastle University (NU), also part of the Newcastle University Single Cell Unit (NUSCU).  This is a world-renowned facility supporting cutting-edge research through the provision of a comprehensive cytomics resource to both internal and external research groups, operating at the forefront of cytometric applications and method-focused research.  As part of this role, my group have been developing, validating and applying both imaging and non-imaging cytometry-based methods to study several important aspects of cell biology and support various key research themes here at NU.  Having completed my PhD and subsequent post-doctoral work at the NIMR I have a strong grounding in basic and translational research and consistently contribute to high profile publications.  I won the award for best paper in Cytometry part A in 2011 and also made key contributions to work published in Science (2012 and 2017) and Cell (2013).  Furthermore, I present my method development work at key conferences both nationally and internationally as well as contributing to the presentations and abstracts of others.  I am a peer reviewer for several journals including Cytometry Part A, specialising in imaging cytometry data and recently published some guidelines for data standards in the field.  I was selected by ISAC as one of only three individuals worldwide to be part of the Shared Resource Laboratory (SRL) emerging leaders’ programme.  This is a scholarship that recognises exceptional contribution to the worldwide cytometry community from those working in core facilities.

Key points:

1.  Recognised at an international level as an expert in the field of Cytometry and Core Facility operations.

2.  Strong publication record in high impact journals such as Science, Cell and Nature Communications.

3.  Invited to speak at several national and international Cytometry meetings.

4.  Part of the Cytometry Part A Associate Editor Scholar Programme


My labs current research focus spans all aspects of Cytometry/Single Cell analysis. 

Specifically however we are interested in:

1.  Multi-dimensional cytometry technologies including classical Fluorescence-based Flow Cytometry, Mass Cytometry and Imaging Cytometry. 

2.  Developing new cytometry-based methodologies and techniques to better understand cellular functions at a population level with true single cell resolution.

3.  To employ new analytical strategies such as machine/deep learning to better interpret complex cytometry-derived data sets toward a better understanding of human health and disease.

Key local and international collaborators:

Professor Muzlifah Haniffa, Newcastle University. 

Exploring human dendritic cell biology at the single cell level through advanced cytometry methodologies

Dr Jaume Bacardit, Newcastle University.

Machine learning for Cytometry data.

Professor Paul Rees, Swansea University, UK and the Broad Institute, USA

Advanced machine/deep learning approaches to extract meaningful biological data from complex cytomerty-derived data sets.

Professor Ann Carpenter, Broad Institute, USA

Image Cytometry data analysis pipelines

Professor Fabian Theis, Helmholtz Zentrum, Germany

Advanced machine/deep learning approaches to extract meaningful biological data from complex cytomerty-derived data sets.



I currently teach on the following courses:

MMB8022 Stem cells and Regenerative Medicine

CSC8309 High Throughput Technologies

I also teach externally on:

The EMBL practical Flow Cytometry Course

The EMBL Fundamentals of Cell sorting Course

The RMS Flow Cytometry Course

ExCyte Flow Cytometry training course as a consultant


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