Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Staff Profile

Andrew Fuller

Experimental Scientific Officer and IMA Theme Web and Social Media Lead


Current appointment - Experimental scientific officer - Flow Cytometry Specialist

Assisting with experimental design, providing training on instrumentation and performing cell sorts

I also provide support for complex fluorescence and mass cytometry experiments.

Previous appointment - Laboratory Technician - Cardiovascular biology group

Specialising in cellular senescence in human ascending aortic aneurysms

Qualifications- MSc Biology - Cellular and Molecular Biology - University of Glasgow



Research interests

Small particle flow cytometry analysis, Remote support technology, Web design  

During my time at the FCCF I have worked to optimise our various instrumentation for small particle analysis with a specific focus on waste water treatment sample analysis. 

I have also worked to utilise technology to allow first person point of view trouble shooting using PivtoHead Smart wear video streaming. 

I am also interested in developing the facilities presence on the web and enjoy creating and editing new content to inform and help our current user base whilst attracting new users to our service.