Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Staff Profile

Dr David McDonald

Experimental Scientific Officer


Current Appointment

Experimental Scientific Officer - Flow Cytometry Specialist:

Provide instrument training, cell sorting and application support within the Flow Cytometry Core Facility.

Assistance is also available in multiparameter assay design and planning for fluorescence and mass cytometry. 

Previous Appointments

Post-doctoral Research Associate: Primary Immunodeficiency Group.

Investigating the genetic and molecular basis of novel, human, primary immune deficiencies. 


PhD: Autoimmune Endocrinology; Institute of Human Genetics, Newcastle University

Investigating the immunomodulatory effects of antithyroid drugs in autoimmune thyroid disease, with respect to structural changes in thyroid peroxidase.


International Society for the Advancement of Cytometry

British Society of Immunology


Research Interests

Mass Cytometry and High Dimensional Fluorescence Cytometry

As a key operator of the Helios cytof mass cytometer and our state of the art 30 parameter Symphony A5 fluorescent analyser, I am particularly interested in design and implementation of multiparameter, high dimensional analysis in flow cytometry.

Primary immunodeficiency

By way of whole-exome deep-sequencing followed by molecular characterisation, my post-doctoral research aimed to unravel the underlying basis of novel, human, primary immune deficiencies. I am particularly interested in aberations in lymphocyte signalling, senescence and cell-death pathways.

Viral recognition and killing by natural killer cells

Previous research also sort to understand NK-cell immune evasion strategies employed by Herpes viruses, a common complication in immunocompromised individuals

Other Expertise

Outside of many aspects of flow cytometry I have a strong background in molecular and cellular assays.

Esteem Indicators 

Speaker at Britsh Society of Immunology Congress 2011 

Invited speaker at Miltenyi Biotec T/NK cell day 2010