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Fera Science

Fera Science Ltd

Fera Science Ltd (Fera) is a translational science business, employing more than 500 people, including 350 scientists at the National Agri-Food Innovation Campus in York.

Our expertise is used to:

  • support and develop a sustainable food chain
  • support a healthy natural environment
  • protect the global community from biological and chemical risks

Fera is now a private and public sector joint venture. We work proactively and collaboratively with the private sector, UK government departments and other public bodies, international governments and organisations.

Our aim is to innovate and develop good translational science that will protect and enhance food, plant, animal and environmental quality.

Fera Science focuses on four key areas:

  • remote, faster, early warning diagnostics and interventions, capable of being deployed through intelligent networks
  • discovery technology across the agri-food chain
  • smarter surveillance data and risk analysis
  • sustainability in the food chain to reduce waste

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