Email and Calendaring

Service Description

The service provides an integrated mailbox that allows sharing and collaboration from on and off campus. This allows members of the University to communicate with each other and external collaborators.


  • Provision of a University email address and mailbox
    • Staff and Postgraduate Research student mailboxes are stored on on-premises Exchange servers
    • Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught student mailboxes are hosted by Microsoft Office365.
  • On site and remote access (Outlook email client, OWA web client, ActiveSync mobile device client)
  • Ability to share mailbox items and collaborate with others
  • Resilient design to ensure high availability
  • Exchange’s Recover Deleted Items functionality allows users to restore mail deleted within 14 days themselves
  • All mail to/from the University network is routed through the managed mail systems where controls for malware, phishing and spam are applied
  • Most spam is filtered out (with a degree of customer control)
  • Skype for Business is provided through Microsoft Office365 and available to staff to allow instant messaging, presence, desktop sharing and audio/video conferencing.  Lync is an opt-in service.


Email and calendaring is available to all members of the University

Skype for Business is only available to staff in an opt-in basis.

Service Hours

24 x 7 x 365

The network “at risk” period is 07:00-09:00 every Tuesday. Further planned maintenance times will be publicised in advance if there will be a disruption to the service.

Due to size and complexity of the infrastructure, monthly maintenance usually takes place on a Sunday morning.

Level of Service

On premises mailboxes are backed up nightly for disaster recovery purposes only. The IT Service will not restore data from backups for any other reason. Exchange’s Recover Deleted Items functionality allows users to restore mail deleted within 14 days themselves.

Staff and postgraduate research students have the ability to use the full Outlook client, whereas undergraduate and postgraduate taught students are limited to Outlook Web Access and ActiveSync on mobile devices.

Staff and postgraduate research students can request IMAP access to the mail store with the support of their unit’s IT support team. However this will only give limited functionality (no access to calendars).

Other mail clients may work but support for them is limited.

Support and Documentation

Email and calendaring documentation, including a Staff User Guide, is available at:

Skype for Business documentation is available at:

Additional support is available via the IT Service Desk on 0191 208 5999 or

All incidents relating to this service will be handled according to the Incident Management and Major Incident Management processes.

Request Process

Provisioning: Members of the University are automatically provided with a University mailbox when they register for an IT account. The email address is constructed based on name information from the official HR or student record.

University email addresses will be searchable:

  • In the Global Address List within Exchange for internal users
  • In the University’s web based People Search directory ( for internal and external users

Increase in quota: Members of the University can request an increase in quota by contacting the IT Service Desk.

Spam filtering control:

  1. Change the handling of spam using the web interface at More information on this can be found at
  2. Request exceptions to handling of mail from specific external addresses ordomains by contacting the IT Service Desk

Email address changes:

  • To request a change in the allocated email address, contact the IT Service Desk in the first case. In general, changes will only be made based on HR or student record data but the IT Service Desk can advise on this.
  • The IT Service Desk is automatically informed of surname changes. They will contact the user involved and ask if email address should be changed to match the new name (old address will be retained, forwarding to new address).

Skype for Business:

Skype for Business is an opt-in service. If you are already using Microsoft Office 2013 (PC) you will have Skype for Business as part of the Office Suite.  

User Responsibility

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that they follow the IT rules of use:

Users are encouraged to actively housekeep their mailbox.