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Employee Relations PG Diploma

Employee relations PG Diploma

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Your Programme

This section aims to provide you with some key information on your degree programme. Generic information relating to postgraduate degrees can be found on the Business School Postgraduate Blackboard Community and in the Postgraduate Study Guide.

About the programme

Welcome to the second stage of the Master’s programme – the Diploma in Employee Relations. The purpose of this document is to introduce the course to you; to tell you a little about the contents and mode of assessment, and how the programme is organised. It will also give some indication about what we expect from you, and what you can expect from us.

The overall aim is to give you the opportunity to critically examine employee relations issues and activities that function within the contemporary work organisation, and to develop an understanding of the role of employee relations in understanding and managing the relationship between employers and employees. Achievement of this aim will require an ability to analyse organisational practices and processes, and to understand the integration between theory and practice.

The course consists of a mixed mode of teaching and learning that encourages student participation and reflective engagement and approaches to solving real problems in the workplace. Discussion, independent learning and reading are vital parts of the module. Through workshop seminar discussions and a range of activities the intention is to give you the opportunity to apply some of the ideas introduced in the Postgraduate Certificate, and to reflect on some of the ideas and examples outlined in the lectures and in the recommended reading. Seminars, in class exercises, and other activities are designed to challenge, provoke and stimulate your thinking, and to provide you with an opportunity to share your ideas with others.


Assessment for NBS8701 - Adding Value in Workplace Relations

  • One 5,000 word individual assignment worth 90% including learning across the module and from the action learning process.

Assessment for NBS8717 - European and International Employment Relations

  • Individual assignment of up to 4,000 words analysing individual practice with respect to leading and enhancing international employee relations – 1 x 100%

Assessment for NBS8696 - Personal Development Planning

  • 2,000-word reflective report to include a Personal Development Portfolio and three individual learning logs of 300–500 words each

Your contacts

Degree Programme Director

The degree programme director (DPD) oversees your Masters programme and can help you with questions about the programme as a whole.

Dr Jo McBride
Senior Lecturer in Industrial Relations, Work and Employment

Telephone: 01912081623

Programme Secretary

The programme secretary is your main point of contact for administrative queries relating to your programme, such as information about procedures or deadlines.

Contact via Student Enquiries, The Hub (room 5.07), Business School @ Barrack Road or on 0191 208 1587.

Kay Pryer
Postgraduate Programme Secretary

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 1587

Director of pre-experience postgraduate programmes

Dr Maioli oversees all pre-experience postgraduate programmes in the Business School

Dr Sara Maioli
Lecturer in Economics, Director of Postgraduate Studies

Telephone: +44 (0) 191 208 1665

Teaching team

NBS8696 ML Sarah Carnegie
NBS8701 ML Prof Stephen Proctor
NBS8717 LM Dr Jo Mcbride and David Lain

Details on the teaching team will be provided in the first lecture for each module.

A complete list of Business School academic and professional support staff, along with contact details, can be found online. Staff profiles are also available via this link illustrating the research and teaching interests of academic members of staff.