Newcastle University Business School


Jack Hayes

Business Management student Jack Hayes worked as a European Human Resources Intern at Enterprise Holding Inc during his placement year.

Choosing a placement

Doing a placement was too good of an opportunity to turn down. Being able to take a year out of studying to add some ‘real world’ experience to my CV was a fantastic opportunity that could not be missed.

A placement year really does put into context the theories that we learn in lectures, as well as the ability to develop skills outside of the lecture theatre. 

By doing a placement I have come back to my final year of studies with a new found work ethic and determination to apply the transferable skills into my studies.


From day one I was empowered to make my own decisions and trusted to take on complex projects. My tasks constantly varied and no two days were the same.

Some of the responsibilities I took on during my HR placement year included:

  • supporting HR teams across Europe (e.g. integrating new acquisitions onto our systems)
  • developing new and existing international opportunities (e.g. creating placements and graduate openings across Europe)
  • continuing our expansion in our corporate owned countries
  • working on company wide diversity initiatives

Each day brought new and exciting challenges with added responsibility. With more projects always in the pipeline, it’s safe to say that as an intern we were given the responsibility to make a difference, rather than just making the coffee.

Learning and development

From learning to adapt my communication style depending upon my audience, to the ability to time manage tasks to utilise my time effectively, the skills learnt on placement has meant that I have come back to university prepared for one of the most important years in my education. Which is a very satisfying situation to be in.