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Staff Profile

Dr Francis Kiraly

Lecturer in Economics



At Newcastle University since August 2003.


PhD Economics (University of Essex)

Previous Positions

Lecturer in Economics - Keele University (2002-2003)
Teaching Fellow - University of Essex (2001-2002)


Royal Economic Society

Econometric Society


Research Interests

Economic Theory

Game Theory

Search Theory

Labour Economics

Current Work 

Beauty premium and marriage premium in search equilibrium: theory and empirical test. (with R. Bonilla and J. Wildman)

Marriage wage premium with productivity heterogeneity. (with R. Bonilla and J. Wildman).

Constrained sequential job search. (with R. Bonilla)

Perfect sequential equilibrium in signalling games - a comment.

From monopoly to perfect competition in an Edgeworth box.

Schooling with frictional labour and marriage markets. (with R. Bonilla)

Marriage wage premium with divorce in a frictional labour market. (with R. Bonilla).

Offer matching and wage dispersion.

On employment contracts with heterogeneous workers and endogenous on-the-job search.

On employment contracts with endogenous on-the-job search.

Outside offers and turnover in search markets.

Wage dispersion with bargaining.

Outside offers in frictional labour markets.

On employment contracts with heterogeneous workers and endogeneous on-the-job search.

Efficient promotions with counter-offers: adverse selection or not?


Undergraduate Teaching

ECO3001 Advanced Microeconomics

ECO3004 Labour Economics

Previous teaching:

Economics of Information
Personnel Economics
Mathematics for Economists
Intermediate Microeconomics
Intermediate Macroeconomics
Principles of Microeconomics
Economics of Monopoly and Firm

Postgraduate Teaching

Game Theory