Newcastle University Business School

Staff Profile

Laura Watson

Student Experience Marketing Coordinator



As Student Experience Marketing Coordinator, I am responsible for student communications within the Business School and working to improve the student experience at both an undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Roles and Responsibilities

In particular, my main roles and responsibilities include:

  • CRM for postgraduate and undergraduate student recruitment.
  • Social Media
  • Student blog
  • Recruitment and responsibility for the Business School's Postgraduate Student Ambassadors
  • Developing and promoting student success stories and opportunities
  • Production of promotional literature on a school and programme basis for prospective students.
  • Production and editorial responsibility for student publications (e.g. newsletters).
  • Editorial responsibility for the Current Student web pages on the Business School website.
  • Representing the School and University at student recruitment events.
  • Market research.


• CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing
• BA (hons) Tourism


Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).