Membership of Council 2013-14

Chair - Mr Mark I'Anson (2017)

Vice Chair - Ms Jacqui Henderson (2017)

Ex officio members

The Vice-Chancellor - Professor Chris Brink

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor - Professor Ella Ritchie (2014)

Honorary Treasurer - Mr Stephen Lightley (2016)

Appointed Members

Members appointed by and from Senate (2 professorial, 1 non-professorial)

Two members elected by and from the academic staff of the University (1 professorial, 1 non-professorial)

Members appointed by Council (10 to 13 lay)

Mr Neil Braithwaite (2016) Mr Jeff McIntosh (2017)
Mr Mike Davison (2016) Mrs Heidi Mottram (2017)
Mr Jonathan Glass (2016) Mr Simon Pleydell (2016)
Mr Robert Hull (2015) Mr Paul Walker (2016)

Two student members elected by the Students' Union

In attendance

  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Role of Council Members