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Staff Profile

Professor Alastair Bonnett

Professor of Social Geography


Research Interests

My research falls into four mains areas:
1. The idea of the West;
2. The politics and geography of nostalgia and memory;
3. The international history of anti-racism and 'whiteness';
4. The geographical theories of the European avant-garde.

A wide selection of Professor Bonnett's publications can be downloaded from Newcastle University's 'e-prints service'.

Postgraduate Supervision

I am happy to supervise PhD students across a broad range of social science and historical topics, including: social theory; social and cultural geography; occidentalism; whiteness; racialisation; anti-racism; ethnicity; nostalgia; psychogeography; the avant-garde; activism.

Current PhD Students:

Gillian Denny (2012-) 'Perpetrators of Racist Violence' (with Anoop Nayak) 

Alex Macleod (2011-)  'Occidentalism in 'Post-Western' South-East Asia' (with Simon Philpott)

Robin Finlay (2011-) ‘Living with the Other’: Race, Religion and the Performance of Immigrant Identities in Grenada, Spain (with Anoop Nayak) 

Kevin Brice (2011-) 'White British Muslims' (with Peter Hopkins and Anoop Nayak) 

Francesca Fois (2013-) 'Utopian Communities' (with Helen Jarvis)

Isabel Williams (2015-) 'Cartographies of heritage' (with Rachel Woodward and Wen Lin)

Some past PhD students:

Jennifer Lloyd (2011-2015) 'Embodied experiences of female transnationals'  (with Peter Hopkins) 

Hazel Sheeky (2008-2012) AHRC Collaborative Studentship 'Children's Literature and the Culture of Exploration: from R.M. Ballantyne to Arthur Ransome' (with Matthew Grenby) 

Kate Botterill (2008-2011) Transnational networks and social mobility among migrant workers from the post-socialist world

Chris Kiernan (2004-2007)Sense of Places: Subjectivism, Reflexivity and Phenomenology (MPhil)

Simon Tate (2002-2007) The Idea of the West in British Politics

Jenny Pickerill (1999-2003)Environmental Activism and the Internet Funding

Andrew Law (1999-2003) Heritage Landscapes and the English Conservation Movement

Anoop Nayak (1996-1999) 'Ivory Lives': Race, Ethnicity and the Practice of Whiteness Amongst Young People



Urban Memory, Nostalgia and Use of the City Amongst Ex-residents of Tyneside. ESRC Research Grant (RES-000-22-3833) Jan. 2010-Jan. 2011
project website:

Catherine Cookson Foundation, 2015, 'A website for North East Heritage'


Undergraduate Teaching

GEO2103 Globalization, Culture and Development
GEO3108 International and Historical Perspectives on Race

Postgraduate Teaching

Degree Programme Director for the MA in Human Geography Research
Courses led:
GEO8017 Human Geography: Concepts in Action
GEO8089 Research Dissertation
GEO8015 Doing Geographical Research