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Dr Dariusz Gafijczuk

Lecturer in Sociology


I joined Newcastle University as Lecturer in Sociology in September 2013. Previously I held positions at University College London, Tirnity College Dublin and a Newton Fellowship at Lancaster University.


My work examines the multiple dimensions of modern, collective and individual identities. This inquiry is situated at the intersection of sociology, history, and social theory and further underpinned by several focal points, especially the investigation of cultural formations at the turn of the 20th century in the region of Central Europe, broadly speaking. This examination rests on a rigorous analysis of its many cultural forms, such as artistic avant-gardes (both visual and acoustic), as well as social and political spaces. I am especially interested in the concept of aesthetics - its impact on collective social structures and perceptions. Currently I am extending this aspect of my inquiry looking at the concept of plasticity in relation to subjectivity, ideology and bio-politics.