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Staff Profile

Dr Matthew Perks

Lecturer in Physical Geography


My research interests broadly encompass fluvial geomorphology, the measurement of contemporary geomorphic and environmental processes and the risks posed by diffuse pollution on water and habitat quality.

Specific research projects include:

  • Working on the SINATRA (Susceptibility of catchments to INTense RAinfall and flooding) project to collect data describing the hydro-geomorphological processes occurring during and immediately following flash floods, wherever they occur in the UK
  • Assessing the transfer dynamics of fine sediment through upland hydrological networks of the UK.
  • Quantifying the suspended sediment response to an upland river channel diversion in the UK.
  • Method development of fluvial suspended sediment samplers capable of collecting time-integrated composite samples for; a) sediment fingerprinting purposes; b) assessing sediment fluxes and; c) model parameterisation.
  • Working within the EdenDTC project to establish a state of the art monitoring network capable of determining the success of various mitigation methods designed to reduce the movement of diffuse pollution from agriculture. The monitoring network is able to detect subtle changes to in-stream nutrient dynamics in these headwater catchments.
  • Working with Natural England to locate and recommend resource protection options for Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs), and similar sites impacted by diffuse pollution across Northern England.