Registering for an account

Several accounts are available which allow access to the University IT facilities:

Conditions of Use

All users of the University’s IT facilities are bound by the Conditions of Use: staff members sign the User Agreement, and students agree to this when they register with the University.

Further Information and Advice

If you have any IT registration queries please contact the IT Service Desk.


Newcastle University Students have their IT account (login, email and filestore) created automatically when they enrol with the University. If you are having problems accessing the University IT systems or require help with your login name and password, contact the IT Service Desk or Cluster IT Service Desks

Certain classes of students such as Partners students, students on collaborative programmes must be authorised by Head of School/Unit or the Student Office where appropriate.


Please see our dedicated staff registration page for details on registering for a staff ID, eligibility and appropriate application forms.

School or Service IDs (role account)

A "role" account can be issued on the authority of the Head of School/Unit. The Head of School/Unit remains responsible for that account but can delegate operational use to one or more other members of staff for business continuity reasons. Examples of role accounts are 'IT Servicedesk' (the IT Service Desk Team), 'print' (Philip Robinson Library print services), 'sage.pgc' (SAGE Postgraduate committee), and so on.

A "role" account is the only type of computer account that may be shared by members of staff. All staff accessing a "role" account must have already accepted the University's Computer User's Agreement by completing a Staff Registration Form. For regulatory reasons all other accounts are considered "personal" accounts and may not be shared; third party access is only permitted when specifically authorised by the IT Service.

If you require a school/service ID for a school web page and/or a school email address, please complete the School or Service ID Registration Form.

Conference Guest Speakers & Conference Delegates

Conference speakers requiring access to a PC in a lecture theatre for a presentation will require a login ID.  These are issued by the Conference Office.

Wireless Guest service  

Visitors who are not able to connect to eduroam can use the free cloud WiFi network WiFi Guest to access the Internet using their own computer.

Society IDs

If you require a Student Society account (affiliated to the Students' Union) for a society web page (Unix id required) and/or you require a society email address, please complete the Union Society Registration Form.  The form must be taken to the Students' Union for countersignature before being submitted to the IT Service Desk.

Student's Union Staff working with the Students' Union should complete the Students' Union Staff Registration form.

If your Society is affiliated to a School please complete the School Sponsored Society Registration form.

Rules of Use

All users are subject to strict Policy on Use of IT Facilities: staff sign the User Agreement, and students agree to this when they register with the University.

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