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Pure Mathematics

Pure Mathematics

Research in Pure Mathematics has a long and distinguished history at Newcastle University. Our most current research is in the areas of complex analysis, homological algebra and representation theory, geometric group theory, operator theory and operator algebras, and topological homology.

Research in Pure Mathematics at Newcastle has a long and distinguished history, ranging through complex analysis, geometric and combinatorial group theory, homological algebra, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, quantum groups, quantum computation, operator algebras, representation theory, ring theory, operator theory, topological homology. Many of these research interests remain active to this day.

Research groups

Most current research is concentrated in the following research areas:

More information can be found on the personal pages of individual researchers. It is in those areas that we are able to take on PhD students.

Seminars and networks

We have two weekly seminars, covering Functional Analysis and Algebra and Geometry. About three times a term we put on a more general colloquium.

We are active members of three regional seminar series: 

All of these series are funded by the London Mathematical Society. The NBGGT seminar is coordinated from Newcastle, and is also funded by EMS.

We are one of nodes of CoDiMa (CCP in the area of Computational Discrete Mathematics) network which is run by Prof S Linton, University of St Andrews from March 2015. For more information, visit the University of St Andrews Computer Science Blog.