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Dr Andrew Duncan

Reader in Algebra


Roles and Responsibilities

2 Postgraduate Students

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EPSRC peer review college and mathematics prioritisation panel.


Research Interests

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Geometric and Combinatorial Group Theory

Low Dimensional Topology

Quantum Computation


Algebraic Geometry of Partially Commutative Groups: visit of Remeslennikov and Kazachkov - 6 weeks of June and July 2006

Quantum Computation and group theory. 2002-2005, c. 100K.

Visit of Myasnikov, May 2005, 350.

Algebraic geometry and algorithms in Artin groups. 2004, 10K.

LMS Northern Regional Meeting (PI Prof S Rees, Ncl) 2004, 10K.

Visit of Dr Vdovina, April 2004, 600.