School of Mathematics & Statistics

Staff Profile

Dr Zinaida Lykova

Reader in Pure Mathematics


Roles and Responsibilities

Research Group Leader, Pure Group, 2012 - present.

Coorganizer of the LMS Invited Lectures Meeting, 18-22 April 2017,

Degree Programme Director Stage 3,  2011-present.

Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Open Access Electronic Journal ``Topological Algebras and its Applications" 2012 - present

Member of the Editorial Board of the International Open Access Electronic Journal ``Annals of Functional Analysis", 2010 - present

Member of the Steering Committee of the International Conference on Banach Algebras and their Applications, 2005 - present.


BSc, MSc, D.Phil., Moscow State University;
Dotsent, the State Committee of the Russian Federation for Higher Education


    Research Interests

      Mathematical Analysis
      Complex Variables, particularly interpolation problems
      Homological theory of topological algebras
      Extensions of topological algebras
      Cyclic type (co)homology of topological algebras
      Higher-dimensional amenability of Banach algebras

    PhD projects