Ageing Creatively workshops

Free creative workshops for over 55s

As part of the Changing Age initiative, Newcastle University is running a series of creative workshops for over 55 year olds who are not in full-time employment. Absolute beginners are invited to participate in free workshops exploring art, creative writing or music. Each series of workshops begin with a taster session followed by 10 weekly workshops. Workshops start the week beginning 24th September till the week beginning 10th December. Workshops are free and any travel expenses are covered. Participants can choose from one of the following workshop series:

1.Creative Writing, Newcastle City library. Monday 10:30-12:00

- create a work of fiction or fact writing

2. Exploring Short Stories/Poetry, Newcastle City Library. Wednesdays 13:30- 15:30

 - read and discuss together selected short stories and poems

3. Art Workshops, Hatton Gallery (near Northern Stage). Wednesdays 10:30-12:30 

 - explore the gallery with an artist-in-residence and create a work of art in response.

4. Exploring Art, Hatton Gallery (near Northern Stage). Fridays 10:30- 12:30

 - choose a work of art from the Gallery's catalogue. During the workshops series, chosen art works will be taken out of storage and discussed among the group.

5. Exploring Music, Newcastle University Campus. (Wednesday, am or pm tbc)

 - choose one piece of music that you would take on a desert island. During the workshops series, each chosen piece will be played and discussed among the group 

All workshops are held in relaxed settings and run by an experienced workshop leader. To find out more and to register your interest, please contact Fionagh Thomson at or on 0800 6940160.           

published on: 22nd August 2012

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