Job Types

We employ staff in nine broad groupings:

  • Academic - responsible for teaching our students as well as working on a vast array of research topics and applying that research to the needs of society and commerce.
  • Clinical Academic/Research - clinically qualified staff holding honorary NHS appointments alongside their University appointment. They also undertake cutting edge research and teach our medical and dental students.
  • Research - working alongside our academic staff on specific research projects, they may also undertake small amounts of student teaching or supervision. The University has been awarded the 'HR Excellence in Research' badge by the European Commission.
  • Administrative Support - provide office, clerical and secretarial support right across the University, including academic areas and support functions such as Finance, Library, Estates and HR. These positions often involve front line customer service.
  • Facilities Support - responsible for looking after our estate and physical environment. They include cleaning, portering, catering, security, grounds staff and a multi-skilled maintenance team.
  • Professional and Administrative - support the work of the University across a wide range of functions, including professional disciplines such as Accountancy, Surveying and Human Resources. 
  • Technical and IT - provide laboratory, workshop, information technology and systems expertise and skills to support our teaching and research activities.
  • Nursing and Related - principally nurses or other professions allied to medicine, supporting specific research projects.
  • Senior Management - manage large groups of subordinate staff, often with highly specialised skills, and may control substantial budgets.