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Dr Philippa Page

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies/Co-Director Humanities Research Institute



I graduated with a BA in Modern Languages (French and Spanish) from University College London in 2002. I hold an MPhil in Latin American Studies (2005) and a PhD (2009) from the University of Cambridge. My doctoral thesis took a comparative approach to Argentine theatre and cinema of the post-dictatorship period via the paradigm of performance. Prior to joining Newcastle University in September 2013, I held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Leuven in Belgium, where I worked on the international, EU-sponsored research project ‘Transit: Transnationality at Large’. This  project looked at the question of transnationality across the Hispanic world. I also work as a translator.


Undergraduate Teaching

Module leader for:

SPA4006: Spectres of the Past: Memory in Contemporary Spanish Culture   

Contributor to:

LAS2033 Envisioning Identities in Latin American Film

TRI2112: Translation Theory and Practice II

Postgraduate Teaching

Module leader for:

FMS8360 Researching Film: Skills and Methods

Contributor to:

FMS8358: Screen Aesthetics     

FMS8357: Cinematic Others

FMS8055: Approaches to Film Theory and History

FMS8099: Dissertation

SML8012: Translation Practice and Principles

SML8004: Literary Translation


Current areas of interest: 

Collaborative research projects:

  • Screening Violence: A Transnational Approach to the Local Imaginaries of Post-Conflict in Algeria, Argentina, Colombia, Indonesia and Northern Ireland.

This ambitious interdisciplinary international study sets out to achieve a new understanding of how social imaginaries help to shape civil conflicts and transitions to peace. In contrast to the universalising rhetoric that has often characterised expert approaches to peace-building, it argues that grasping the complexities of civil conflict requires in-depth analysis of how local communities imagine, or construct, the meaning of conflict and post-conflict in specific places at particular historical moments. 

CRIC is a four-year researcher exchange project sponsored by the European Union Marie Curie RISE scheme. It involves over 50 researchers from Newcastle University, University of Groningen, Universitat València, Universitat de Lleida, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Universidad Austral in Valdivia and the Universidad Tres de Febrero in Buenos Aires. With an interdisciplinary approach, we aim to address the scarcity of scientific research on cultural narratives elaborated around conjunctures of crisis and renewal with a particular focus on the period marked by what has been termed the ‘neoliberal turn’: from its violent implementation in Latin America in the 1970s, to its questioning at our current historical conjuncture, in the continuing aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis. Along with Dr. Manuel De la Fuente (Universitat València), I lead the second research area: Crisis 2008: Producción Medial y Cultural. 

Conferences and Research Visits:

May 2014: Symposium: New Directions in the Performance of Violence and Trauma in the Hispanic World, University College Cork, Ireland. Title: Re-reading performances of violence in the light of recent theoretical developments in the field of Memory Studies.

May 2014: Transnational Spaces in Hispanic Literature and Culture, University of California Los Angeles. Title: El espacio transnacional como espacio imaginario en las películas, Play, de Alicia Scherson (Chile, 2005) y Medianeras, de Gustavo Taretto (Argentina, 2011).

June 2014: Conference: Fiction, non-fiction and new journalism: The arts of storytelling in the Spanish and Portuguese speaking worlds, Newcastle University, U.K. Title: ‘Have I got news for you’: poeticising the journalistic form in the work of Luisa Futoransky

April 2015: IV Coloquio Internacional Transit. Lo transnacional en la fotografía y el cine latinoamericanos (1900-2015), Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico D.F. Title: ‘Los turistas no piensan en quedarse’: identidades en tránsito en las películas, Turistas, de Alicia Scherson (Chile, 2009) y, La vida de los peces, de Matías Bize (Chile, 2010).

June 2015: Conference: New Poetics of Disappearance, Institute for Modern Languages Research, in collaboration with the Universität Konstanz, London. Title: Pepsi or coke? Advertising, neoliberalism and the real winner of the 1988 plebiscite according to Pablo Larraín’s film, No (Chile, 2012).

August 2015: Visiting Researcher, Universidad Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

April 2015: Visiting lecturer at Wellesley College, Boston. Title: Ceci n’est pas une chaise: the treachery of the real and the conspicuously cinematic self in Mariano Pensotti’s performance, Cineastas (2013).

November 2015: Presentation of the fall edition of the Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas, The Americas Society, New York. Readings: poet/translator, with Argentine poet, Luisa Futoransky.

November 2015: Fieldwork on the imaginaries of conflict/post-conflict at the Universidad del Pacífico, Buenaventura, Colombia.

March 2016: Annual Meeting American Comparative Literature Association, Harvard University, Cambridge. Title: Reaching Childhood/Unlearning the Transition: The Diachronic Space of Memory in Alejandro Zambra’s Novel, Formas de volver a casa (Chile, 2011).

April 2016: Fieldwork on the local imaginaries of conflict/post-conflict at the Universidad Tecnológica del Chocó, Quibdó, Colombia.

August/September 2016: Visiting researcher at the Universidad Austral, Valdivia, Chile.

November 2016: Symposium: Poesía y crisis, Institute for Modern Languages Research, Senate House, London. Encounters Poet/Translator: Presentation of Nettles/Ortigas Bristol: Shearsman Books, February 2016.

November/December 2016: Visiting Researcher, Universidad Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

December 2016: Jornadas de Jóvenes Investigadores de la UNTREF. Panel convenor (with Cecilia Sosa): Afectos subalternos. Entre/telones y pantalla.

February 2017: Keynote lecture at the University of Groningen Winter School, ‘Imaginando el sur de Europa’, held at the University of Granada, Spain. Title: Re-imagining Europe: local imaginaries, affect and the subjective production of understanding a continent.

May 2017: Latin American Studies Association Annual Conference, Lima, Peru. Panel convenor (with Cecilia Sosa): Between Stages and Screens: Visual and Affective Imaginaries in Contemporary Performance of the Río de la Plata. Title: The Conspicuously Cinematic Self: Theatrical Explorations of the Production of Affect in Screen Media/Visual Culture (the Case of Contemporary Argentine Independent Performance).

June 2017: University of Groningen Summer School, 'Beyond Horizons. Transmitting and Writing New identities of Minorities and Migrants in Europe and Beyond', Groningen, The Netherlands. Provisional title: The Cinematic Gestalt: Cinema, Perception and the Production of Visibility.   

Other Activities:

Peer reviewer for the following journals:

  • PMLA
  • Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies
  • Bulletin of Hispanic Studies
  • Bulletin of Latin American Research 

Postgraduate Supervision:

  • Luis Fernando Fallas Fallas: PhD candidate working on mapping out contemporary Central American cinema.
  • Katie Salmon: PhD candidate working on representations of crisis, mental health and neoliberalism in contemporary Spanish and Chilean culture.