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Learn about research carried out in the Digital Cultures Studio and Film@CultureLab.

The Digital Cultures Studio

This research group includes artists, designers, musicians and performers. Their work is experimental and engaged with contemporary technology. In particular we contribute to the following areas:

  • media art and curation
  • performance
  • design research
  • museums, heritage and collections
  • film and moving image
  • sound art
  • maker culture
  • digital humanities

The group has a practice-based approach to research, teaching and knowledge exchange. We emphasise:

  • cultural experimentation
  • public presentation and participation
  • the transformation of the academic disciplines

This is particularly through creating interactive artefacts and exploratory design practices. These interrogate the role of the digital in relation to traditional materialities and practices.


We collaborate within and outside of the University and welcome conversations about future collaborative research.

We have particular expertise in:

  • creative computing
  • building networked, technological devices
  • live electronic performance
  • curating creative technological artefacts and visualisation

Further information

For more information about our research visit the Digital Cultures Studio website.


Film@CultureLab offers a conducive environment for interdisciplinary practice-based experimentation in filmmaking. This problematizes formatted approaches to non-fiction filmmaking dominating the broadcast industry.

It also allows for new ways of visualising narratives that reside in the meshes of reality and fiction.

The aim is to arrive at distinctive forms of film practices. These will draw on the realist imperative of observational documentary and the expressivist slant of fiction. They herald a cinematic docu-expressivism.