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Dean Apes

Estate Planning Manager



Hi I'm Dean Apes, I am the Head of Estate Planning.

In ESS apart from any Property, Maintenance, Improvements and Facilities Management requests the Planning Team are the first port of call for all 'Space and Major Capital Project' related queries and in conjunction with the 'Space Utilisation, Monitoring and Arbitration Committee' (SUMAC) are responsible for the University's Space management.

The team are also responsible for development of feasibility studies and option appraisals (RIBA Stages A&B) for all the University's Major Capital Projects (£250,000 and over) prior to hand over to our Capital Projects Team who procure the work.

Roles and Responsibilities

Space Planning
Space Utilisation
Building Appraisal & Space Efficiency Analysis
Space Policy
Intranet Property Register (IPR)
Funding Proposals
Brief Development
Feasibility Studies & Option Appraisals
Detailed Planning
Cost Estimating
Business Cases
Liaising with Funding Bodies
Estate Strategy / Master Plan
Driving Forward the Strategic Capital Plan
Client Awareness Training



Honours and Awards

South Tyneside Good Design Award 2006 for Building Conversion/Restoration

New Zealand & Australasia 6-aside Football Representative