Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Fluorescence Cytometry

Fluorescence Cytometry

Find details on available parameters within each instrument:

  • Analysers (Fortessa systems, Symphony A5, FACSCanto II, Accuri)
  • cell sorters (FACSAria II, FACSAria III, FACSFusion Sorter, Astrios Sorter)

We recommend that before purchasing a new fluorophore you check to see if it is detectable with our current filter sets

Accessory instrumentation

We have Lyse wash assistants and a high throughput sampler module for use with the fortessa type systems and symphony A5.

Help and training

The facility has a particular emphasis on flow cytometry education. We deliver both basic and advanced flow cytometry training.

We can offer help and assistance to all users. We can help you in experimental set up, fluorochrome choice or any other issues that impact on the use of the facility.

If you have any questions please contact us.