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Cell Sorting

Cell Sorting


We have three cell sorters across our two sites. On these pages you'll find support for using them.

We have three cell sorters at the Facility. You'll find information about them on our equipment pages.

Our support

We've information on bringing and collecting your cells, and the sorting process.


Cancellation Policy

Sorts can be cancelled fully with no charge up to 24hrs before the start time.

Any sorts that are cancelled within 24hrs of starting but before 5pm the day before, are charged at 1/2cost with a 30 minute minimum time.

Sorts cancelled after 5pm the day before and within 24hrs are fully charged.

If someone can be found to fill a cancelled sort slot then no charges are levied against the initial user. All cancellation cases are reviewed by FCCF staff personally so please contact us to discuss any and all cancellations.

Bringing & Collecting Cells

Find information on bringing and collecting cells at the Facility.

Bringing your cells

Collecting your cells

Sorting Process

Find information on the sorting process at the Facility.

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