Genomics Core Facility

Genomics Core Facility

Genomics Core Facility

State of the art next-generation sequencing, specialising in single cell

Why work with Newcastle?

When you work with our team you can be assured that we will manage your project with:

  • careful attention to detail
  • the right experimental design
  • the most cost effective solution to fit your budget

We support our customers at every stage of their project, including:

  • sample QC
  • method development
  • training
  • technical advice

Our staff are experienced in service delivery for all sectors: Academic, Clinical, and Commercial.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Genomics Core Facility
Institute of Genetic Medicine
Newcastle University
International Centre for Life
Central Parkway
Newcastle upon Tyne

  • Image of Professor Joris Veltman

    Service and collaboration of the highest standard

    “Our genomics research is supported by the fabulous work of the NU Genomics Core. We love to work with them as the quality of their service is of the highest standards and they are very open to plan the work with us and implement novel approaches".

    Joris Veltman, Professor of Personalized Medicine, Dean of Biosciences Institute, Newcastle University

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