In-Sessional English

INU6264 - Writing your research project for Museum

Writing your Research Project for Museum Studies, Global Heritage Management and Curating Art - INU6264


  • Course duration: 4 weeks
  • Course dates: TBC
  • University weeks: TBC
  • Length of session: 2 hours


The sessions will cover your Proposal, Literature Review, Methods, Results and Discussion sections looking at the following aspects:

  • raise students’ awareness of the structure / organisation of your research project
  • suggest generic content for each sections
  • provide useful language / phrases to use when writing your research project

You can access the Course Outline here.

What do I need to do to register for this course?

Post-Graduate students on the Degree Programmes listed below will be automatically registered on this course.

  • 4007 F/P - MA Museum Studies (MA)
  • 4138 F/P - MA Curating Art (MA)
  • 4139 F/P - MA Global Heritage Management (MA)

You will receive an email at the start of the semester with the time and place of your lessons.