In-Sessional English

INU6424 - Writing for Postgraduates in Computer Sc

Writing for Postgraduates in Computer Science (Part 2) - INU6414


  • Course duration: 5 weeks
  • Course dates: Week commencing 13th March to week commencing 20th March, 2023 and week commencing 19th June to week commencing 3rd July
  • University weeks: 28 to 29 and 42 to 44
  • Sessions per week: 1
  • Length of session: 2 hours


This module provides instruction and guidance on writing up research in the field of computer science. The course adopts a genre approach and explains the common structure and moves of the typical sections of a research paper. Further input is given on how research in the computer science field may diverge from the typical model of a research paper.

What do I need to do to register for this course?

If you are studying on one the following Degree Programmes will be automatically registered for this course: 

5178F MSc Advanced Computer Science
5198F MSc Bioinformatics
5199F Msc Neuroinformatics
5200F MSc Synthetic Biology
5056F MSc Cloud Computing
5055F MSc Computer Science
5144f MSc in Cyber Security
5395F/5395P MSc Data Science
3155P PGCert Data Science - part time
5449F MSc Data Science - with AI
5449P MSc Data Science - with AI PT
4870P MSc Data Science - with Stats
5450F MSc Data Science - with Visualisation
3181F PGCert Data Science - with Visualisation
3181P PGCert Data Science - with Visualisation 

You will receive an email at the start of the semester with the time and place of your lessons.