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Transport, Society and Place

Transport intersects with working lives and society, and we explore these relationships.

Mobility is a vital feature of people’s wellbeing. It satisfies both the basic need of moving from one place to another and connects people. Importantly, mobility is a concept that empowers social, cultural, and economic activity.

This theme aims to support multidisciplinary and cross-faculty research that allows for holistic explorations addressing the complexity of the relations between mobility, society and place. Projects that promote change in mobility behaviours strongly influence the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities. These outcomes are important in terms of social justice, an ageing population and levelling-up the life chances of whole neighbourhoods, cities and regions.

We’re fundamentally concerned with issues that impact working lives globally. This includes:

  • transport poverty
  • liveability
  • social connectedness
  • health
  • wellbeing
  • the impact of mobility expectations