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Module Catalogue

Module Catalogue

We have hundreds of superb options to choose from, and our Catalogue will help you choose what you want to study as part of your overseas experience.

We strongly advise you read carefully our Module Guidance page. These instructions will help you to choose modules that are suitable for your level of study, credit requirements and subject needs. 

Some students will have the freedom to choose across various academic disciplines, while others come to us with a defined set of requirements. Either way, you will enjoy browsing through our rich array of academic offerings and feel free to contact us with any questions or queries.*

Academic Skills for Study Abroad

Humanities and Social Sciences

Medical Sciences

Science, Agriculture and Engineering

* Like all universities, while we make efforts to deliver the modules as described, occasionally some amendments are needed taking into account changing staff expertise, developments in the discipline, the requirements of external bodies and partners and student feedback. Therefore, please be aware that the Module Catalogue is subject to change, as well as individual module availability and fulfilment of any pre-requisites. If you have any questions about specific modules, please contact the relevant School. Alternatively, you can contact the Global Opportunities Team at