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Pre-Med for Study Abroad

This programme is for designed for students who are planning a career in medicine.


Learn through practice-based modules on Newcastle University’s specialist Pre-Med Study Abroad programme.

Our Pre-Med Study Abroad Programme

This special Study Abroad programme is for designed for visiting students who are planning a career in medicine. It is offered as a single-semester programme, running in Fall or Spring and also as a full-year programme.  Students will live and study alongside British undergraduate students of medicine and biomedical sciences.

Medicine has been taught at Newcastle University since 1834 and our Faculty of Medical Science is home to world-leading researchers, doctors and teaching professionals. Our work has led to major advances in patient healthcare regionally, nationally and internationally.

Programme Components

Participating students will take core modules (classes) that offer hands-on experience and the opportunity to develop practical skills. They will also benefit from a valuable clinical shadowing experience that takes place over a two-week period. This special opportunity provides unique exposure to the workings of British National Health Service (NHS) hospitals, allowing students to appreciate what is involved with patient care. Students are carefully matched with named clinicians, experts in varied medical fields. Shadowing over a two-week period will give students direct insight into the life of a working practitioner and a chance to appreciate the variety of roles and responsibilities involved.

Modules (classes)

Visiting students create a full-time course-load choosing two or three additional modules in addition to their core/required modules.  Details of these core modules, as well as our vast range of elective modules, can be found on the Modules page.

Additional/elective modules are chosen based on student preferences and/or home university requirements. These might be offered within the Faculty of Medical Sciences or occasionally from a different academic department. Humanities and Social Science modules are also available, subject to timetabling.

All Study Abroad students benefit from an impressive range of services and support during their time at Newcastle University. For information on dates, costs, university housing, and the application process and more visit:

Please contact the Study Abroad Team for further information.


Pre-med students during Clinical Skills


The three modules (classes) within the specialist Pre-Med programme give you access to genuine medical practices and knowledge.

In Semester 1 (Fall)

In Semester 2 (Spring)

In addition to these core modules, students bolster their timetables with additional modules to create a full course-load. Students can chose from a broad suite of options within the School of Biomedical Sciences or they may choose modules from one of the other faculties (depending on scheduling constraints). For instance, we offer a Physics module that includes a curriculum that is appropriate for students preparing for the North American Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT). Modules from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science are also available to students.

Biomedical Science Study Abroad Modules

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