Infectious Diseases Facility



We provide containment facilities for the safe use and handling of infectious microbiological agents.

We conduct research on infectious microbiological agents of both clinical and economic importance. This is the only research facility of its kind in the North East of England.

Our research

The Facility provides the opportunity for scientists to include Hazard Group 3 (HG3) and Specified Animal Pathogen Order Group 3 pathogens in their research.

Research involving HG3 microbial pathogens is now possible. This takes place in our containment level 3 (CL3) facility.

Our facilities

We have two laboratory suites dedicated to the research of HG3 pathogens. These are classified by the Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens and the Specified Animal Pathogen Order.

You can use our facilities to process samples and to store material for later processing.


The Facility is available to appropriately trained researchers. This includes Newcastle University staff and other local academic and commercial organisations.

We provide training and advice on the safety aspects of working at CL3. This is organised by the University Occupational Health and Safety Service and the Facility Manager.