Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre

PEALS 20th Anniversary

20th birthday celebrations for PEALS

In 2019 PEALS celebrated its twentieth birthday.

Founded in 1999 by (then) Dr Erica Haimes and Dr Tom Shakespeare, PEALS was initially located at the Centre for Life in central Newcastle. Its early focus on the socio-ethics of genetic and reproductive medicine is still there, but the work of the Centre has continually evolved to follow the latest developments in medicine and the life sciences. PEALS now enjoys a national and international reputation both for world-class research focused on the social and ethical debates around cutting-edge life sciences, and for its commitment to working with public, practitioner and policy partners. 

Throughout 2019 PEALS held a series of events to celebrate its anniversary year. This kicked off with a launch seminar in December 2018 given by Professor Tom Shakespeare, now of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Other events included an event marking PEALS' longstanding collaboration with creative writers, Writers Talking Writing: Bioethics, on 4 March 2019. On 21 November a one-day symposium and social event was held highlighting PEALS past, present and future, and celebrating its achievements.