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Affiliated Staff

Lorraine Cowley

Lorraine is a Principal Genetic Counsellor at the Northern Region Genetics Service in Newcastle.

Previously based in PEALS during her PhD and a post-doctoral award funded by Wellcome Trust, Lorraine is now contributing to the METADAC and associated PEALS projects with Professor Madeleine Murtagh.


Cowley, L. (2016). What can we learn from patients’ ethical thinking about the right ‘not to know’ in genomics? Lessons from cancer genetic testing for genetic counselling. Bioethics. Open Access15th August 2016.

Cowley, L. (2016). Choice or responsibility? Seeing through genetic transparency. In M. Dreyer, Erdmann, J., Rehmann-Sutter, C. (Eds.) Genetic transparency? Ethical and social implications of next generation human genomics and genetic medicine. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill Rodopi.