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Visiting Staff

Visiting Staff

We welcomes a range of international visitors. Find out more about our current and past visitors.

You can find out about our past visitors in our annual reviews.

Lorraine Cowley

Lorraine will be producing papers for publication to disseminate findings from her PhD research. The publications will help inform future bids for external research funding.

Lorraine will also be developing collaborative public engagement activities. These will present social science research and genetics to a public audience.

Vibeke Graven

Dr Vibeke Graven is a Visiting Researcher from Aalborg University, Denmark.

Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews was a Royal Literary Society Writer in Residence at PEALS from 2002 to 2004.

She taught 'Novels, Poetry and Medicine' to third year students at Newcastle University Medical School. She led a variety of writing workshops in the North East region.

Lisa also taught 'Imaginative Writing' to third year medical students at Newcastle University. She was involved in two PEALS projects, 'How Gay are your Genes?' and the 'Stemistry' sci-art project.

Sarah Skyrme

Sarah is a former PEALS PhD student. She is a part-time researcher at the Institute for Effective Education at York University.

She's developing the findings from her PhD. These include sociological understandings and experiences of disability, health and illness.

Ilke Turkmendag

The substantive focus of Dr Turkmendag’s research has been in the area of the sociology of the life sciences. She's particularly concerned with the socio-legal aspect of new reproductive technologies.

She joined PEALS after the completion of her doctoral work. She worked with Professor Erica Haimes on the Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Uses of Reproductive Tissue in Stem Cell Science (IDARTSS) project. In 2011, she was awarded a Mildred Blaxter Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Foundation of Sociology of Health and Illness.

Robin Williams

Professor Robin Williams was PEALS Durham Convenor between 2004-08. He was also Visiting Professor at PEALS, 2010-13.

Through his role as Visiting Professor he developed collaborative work between PEALS and Northumbria University Centre for Forensic Science (NUCFS). He focused on our overlapping interests in:

  • the bioethics of forensic biotechnologies
  • criminal investigations
  • DNA identification of the mass dead in wars, atrocities and natural disasters