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Find out about our current postgraduate students.

Dr Luke Martin is researching the role of values in decision-making within an Acute Medicine service.

Dr Tim Peel is researching the attitudes and beliefs underlying physicians opinions on assisted dying.

Past Students

We are proud of our track record in recruiting and retaining students, and of their success in obtaining doctorates.

Dr Stamatios Karavolos obtained his MD in 2016. His project examined the psychosocial experiences of men diagnosed with infertility. 

Dr Alexis Paton was awarded her PhD in 2015. Her project explored the bioethical issues surrounding the use of fertility preservation techniques by cancer patients in Canada and the UK. 

Dr Lorraine Cowley obtained her PhD in 2012. She was on a Cancer Research UK Nurse Research Training Fellowship exploring the influence of genetic testing for inherited cancers on kinship relations and identity.

Dr Annie Fetherston completed, with distinction, her Masters dissertation, 'The Ethics of Forced Care in Dementia: Perspectives of Care Home Staff' in 2017.

Dr Mohar Goswami was approved for admission to MD in Newcastle University in 2013, following the approval of her thesis, ‘Embryo cryopreservation: clinical outcomes and couples’ perspectives’.

Dr Alex Henderson a Clinical Research Fellow, obtained his PhD in 2008. It was a qualitative study of the issues and dilemmas faced by parents of children with neuro-muscular conditions.

Dr Ji-Jen Hwang obtained his PhD in early 2012. It was on China's Cyber Warfare: The Strategic Value of Cyberspace and the Legacy of People's War.

Dr Chris Lawless was awarded his PhD in 2009. It was an exploration of the technological forms, practical work and formal reasoning that together constitute forensic DNA profiling and profile comparison.

Dr Rachel Lowerson, a senior civil servant in the Child Support Agency, was awarded her PhD in 2007. It was an investigation into the use of DNA paternity testing in disputed cases in the CSA.

Dr Stephen MacDonald was awarded his PhD on dyslexia, class and the education system in 2006. He is now Associate Professor at the University of Sunderland.

Dr Yi-Ting Shih was awarded her PhD in late 2011. Her project was funded by a Taiwanese government scholarship. It explored the lives and experiences of mothers of disabled children, examining how mothers frame their related understandings of motherhood and disability.

Sarah Skyrme was on an ESRC CASE studentship award, in partnership with the European Union TREAT-NMD network of excellence project. Her co-supervisors were Simon Woods and Janice McLaughlin.

Dr Matthias Wienroth was awarded his PhD at the end of 2008. It was an analysis of how scientists construct their disciplinary research identities in the context of conducting nanoscale research. 

Dr Ingrid Young was awarded her PhD in 2011. It explored understandings of risk and sexual health among gay and bi-sexual men.