Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre

Evolution or Revolution?

The Great North Museum 31st January - 23rd March 2020

This exhibition of artworks made by Dr Marianne Wilde was part of a strand of public engagement work, led by Dr Ken Taylor, as part of PEALS’ contribution to the Synthetic Portabolomics project. The pieces reflected Marianne’s engagement with synthetic biology; drawing on historical references as well as her experiences in the laboratories. Synthetic biology is seen by some people as a revolution in the way biologists can manipulate life, while others see an evolution of the genetic science and biology from which it is derived.

The Evolution or Revolution? (PDF: 2.26MB) exhibition asked questions of the visitors, exploring this dichotomy and the notion of how such work might be done in a framework of ‘Responsible Research and Innovation’. The exhibition included a video on Synthetic Biology made by the Newcastle-based company Roots and Wings 

Photo Credit Colin Davison