Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre



We work with a variety of groups to inform and improve practice and policy across the life sciences

People in the audience at a public debate.

Using our expertise we aim to inform and improve professional practice, public policy, public debate and decision-making across the life sciences and health research and care. We address cutting edge policy or practice dilemmas.

To achieve this, we feel that it is vital to work with different groups or ‘publics’ in order to draw from their expertise.

Our work

We provide opportunities for dialogue and engagement across the overlapping perspectives of publics, practitioners and policymakers.

We pursue this work in a number of ways, including:

Presenting our findings

We share our research expertise and knowledge with others through a variety of routes beyond academic publications.

Our presentations include keynote and seminar addresses for gatherings of policymakers, practitioners and publics.

We invite different groups to present their ideas with us at our annual international symposium.