Policy, Ethics and Life Sciences Research Centre

Committee Membership

Committee Membership

Our expertise in the socio-ethical aspects of the life sciences has led to individual PEALS colleagues being invited to serve on governmental, third sector, professional and other committees.

Current committee membership

We're part of many committees, including:

  • Criminal Investigation Research Network, an innovative collaboration between academics and criminal investigators (from 2012)
  • International Society for Stem Cell Research Ethics and Public Policy Committee, (from 2009)
  • National Research Ethics Adviser to the NHS National Research Ethics Service (from 2009)
  • Project Ethics Council to a major EC-funded Network of Excellence, TREAT-NMD (from 2007)
  • oversight committee of a Global Patient Registry for Neuromuscular Diseases (from 2008)

Past committee membership

Download a list some of our past committee memberships (PDF: 260 KB).