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Recent developments in gene or genome editing, using what is known as the CRISPR/cas9 system, are currently transforming life science research and offer the potential of effective genetic modification in humans.

The ethical and social aspects of this have also received considerable attention.

PEALS Executive Director Jackie Leach Scully was an invited panellist at CRISPRcon, a 2-day meeting held in Boston, USA, that attempted to foster cross-disciplinary ‘conversations’ examining these themes. Her panel, entitled “What’s at stake? Diverse perspectives on the promise and perils of gene editing”, included farmers from New York and Zimbabwe, a researcher into American Indian health, and a conservationist. Other panels have focused on gene editing and technology democratization, international governance, and the role of public engagement.

All the panels have been recorded, and will be made publicly available at a later date.


Jackie Leach Scully at CRISPRcon in Boston, 2018
Jackie Leach Scully at CRISPRcon

published on: 7 June 2018