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PEALS plays host to Genethics Forum

On May 3rd PEALS, alongside colleagues at the Institute for Genetic Medicine, played host to the Genethics Forum.

The Genethics Forum is an informal meeting for health professionals - and other interested parties - to discuss and explore difficult ethical and/or legal issues encountered in genetic medicine. The meeting was organised by Lorraine Cowley who is a clinical genetic counsellor who studied for her PhD with PEALS.

Anneke Lucassen a clinical geneticist, of Southampton University and Mike Parker a bioethicist from Oxford University, who run Genethics Forum, were there to give expert opinion.

Pauline McCormack delivered the keynote talk for the day on 'Living the genomic dream! How is the relationship between state, society  and individual characterised in new developments in genomics?'

Lorraine Cowley commented 'As a genetic counsellor, it is rare to attend a study day where everything is directly relevant to your clinical practice. Genethics is that. Pauline’s talk  gave us a chance to look at our work through a different lens. She highlighted the political influences shaping perceptions of our work which was fascinating and insightful. My colleagues are all talking about how worthwhile they found the day.'

published on: 10 May 2019